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Truckin’ with Class

The GMC Sierra is a stunner inside and out

By Valerie Menard

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Not sure when, but over time, trucks became family vehicles as well as status symbols. Sitting near the top of that half-ton segment for General Motors is the GMC Sierra. LATINO Magazine recently test drove the 2023 Sierra AT4X Crew Cab (four-door) that has off-road capabilities as well as luxury and seating for five. For those who can afford it, this truck is a cut above the rest.

While it’s priced as a premium vehicle—as-tested MSRP came to $81,010—this truck will also be judged by its utility, as most trucks are. All-new in 2022, the Sierra AT4X comes standard with a 6.2L V-8 engine that produces 420 horsepower and 460 ft.¬¬–lbs. of torque and is matched to a ten-speed automatic transmission. The Sierra has a maximum payload of 2,240 pounds but on the as-configured test model, it came to 1,420 lbs. with 8,900 lbs. maximum towing. GMC’s unique MultiPro tailgate can be configured for six uses including a step ladder to improve ingress and egress to the truck bed. While the tailgate is dampened (it drops softly) the ladder does add a bit of weight to it when lifting it to close.


Most owners may not want to scratch the paint on this fancy truck by driving off road, but the AT4X is quite capable of doing so, as the name implies. Its two-speed transfer case includes selectable modes for different off-road conditions—including Terrain Mode, which allows one-pedal rock crawling—don’t forget to brake if necessary. Front and rear e-locking differentials, unique in its class, an off-road-specific chassis and suspension, larger steel transfer case shield, and 18-inch mud terrain tires also improve its off-road performance.


As for how it competes as a premium vehicle, its price tag includes plenty of bells and whistles including technology that’s unique to GM. While a truck’s capability is taken into serious consideration, most owners will interact with the infotainment system on a daily basis. The Sierra, including the test model, features a new, 13.4-inch-diagonal color touchscreen that is fairly intuitive when presetting radio and XM for 30 channels and gives the interior a more refined look. As a sign of the times, it not only includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard and there’s also a Podcast button for those with that proclivity.


A 12.3-inch-diagonal configurable digital instrument cluster with a 15-inch-diagonal multicolor Head-Up Display complements the center panel. Drivers can select among certain styles for the instrument display, from conventional to clean, and display all sorts of information for the right and left gauges, like tire wheel pressure, fuel economy, and entertainment.


Topping off the list of standard creature comforts are heated leather seats throughout with ventilated front seats and 16-way massage setting, a Bose stereo with twelve speakers, and a sunroof. Premium status also extends to the truck’s battery of standard safety features starting with the blind spot monitor, parking sensors, back-up camera (for connecting the tow hitch as well as a parking lots, Onstar, and emergency braking, among other features. 


It also includes the Safety Alert Seat, another unique GM feature, that sends a vibrating sensation to the driver’s seat to warn of a potential collision making it even more intuitive then warning lights or chimes. Another new feature that’s unique to GM is the rear camera mirror. Unlike that backup camera that turns off once the driver switches from reverse to drive, the rearview camera is a full-time camera with a rear view. While it provides an unobstructed view, it can be distracting and a little dizzying. Luckily, it can be switched off in favor of a conventional rearview mirror.


The window sticker also showed credit for standard features like wireless charging and steering column lock due to the microchip shortage so buyers should check for these exceptions.


Still, the GMC Sierra is a stunner, inside and out, and for those in the market for a premium family vehicle with more brawn than an SUV, it’s worth a test drive.
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