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2022 LATINO Equity 100

These companies provide the most opportunities  for Latinos

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How to measure Diversity in corporate America has changed, as well as how to describe it.  Over the years, it became Diversity&Inclusion, and now it’s Diversity, Equity&Inclusion (DEI). What’s the difference?  Seeing as it’s baseball season, it might be explained this way: If Diversity speaks to who plays ball, then D&I determines who makes the team. The Equity component of DEI is about everyone getting to bat.  

This metaphor implies that some employees might have built-in advantages rising up the corporate ladder, while others need additional resources and training. This is true for Latinos as well as other minorities, and we must be part of the conversation to address these inequalities. In the past, our annual LATINO 100 listed “the best places to work for Latinos.” This year, we believe best practices in DEI is a good measure for top employers. What the companies listed below have in common is a strong commitment to Equity.

What was our methodology? There was no survey. Nominations were submitted both formally and informally by Latino nonprofits and community organizations as well as our readers, partners and stakeholders. The listing, which appears alphabetically, was compiled by the editors of LATINO from these nominations based upon our own research and information gathering. Needless to say, there was no cost to be included. Those companies profiled alongside the listing are representative of their industries and serve as corporate role models. 

All of the companies on our initial list of 100 were contacted by our staff. If we were unable to reach the appropriate individual at a company (such as the Chief Diversity Officer) to be interviewed and verify our research, we did not include it. For these reasons, we’ve listed less than we originally intended. No doubt there are many organizations we are not familiar with, and we apologize for their exclusion.  

For any questions about the 2022 LATINO Equity 100 feel free to contact us at Many thanks to all those who helped us in this effort, which can be seen in our digital edition at

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